Emilio by Yamauchi architects 7

Extraordinary relaxation
The salon has a styling area with an inorganic and cool impression, and a shampoo area which is softly surrounded by narrow wooden louvers. These two spaces with different identities have a relationship of mutual encouragement. Plants are grown on the floor, walls, and ceilings of each space, using artificial soil made from specially processed cedar and cypress bark. The rather tall plants on the floor roughly divide the two spaces, while the ivy on the ceiling provides a sense of depth to the area. Ivy planted on the shampoo area floor climbs stainless steel wires on the wall and covers the entire louvers on the ceiling as if consuming them. Although the existence and scent of the plants provide comfort and relaxation, we are happy when one can feel something extraordinary in the sight of vigorously growing plants on the floor, walls, and ceiling inside the building.

Emilio by Yamauchi architects

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