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Casa Neut by Apollo architects and associates 7

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Grow by Apollo Architects 8

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House by Apollo Architects 3

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SBD25 by Apollo architects and associates 5

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Impressive facade design with concrete & glazed surfaces and interior spaces that interconnect beautifully with the exterior. Floor to ceiling windows allow for a direct view of the courtyard either from the open kitchen or the bathroom. The perimeter of the yard is defined by large concrete walls.

Ring by apollo architects & associates 2
Ring by apollo architects & associates

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Amazing residential design with introvert character. The total white cubic form is interrupted by slot windows and the garden and upper terrace are subtly covered by a projecting thin wall outline to allow for rich natural lighting coming from above.


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A Japanese architecture creation that surprised us with the exemplary level of construction detailing. Apart from that, the architectural design by Apollo architects would not be anything else but perfect.


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Panos —  March 29, 2012

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A project spotted not only because of its clear and coherent design but for its extraordinary & minimal backyard.

highlighted _ Rouge

Panos —  March 27, 2012

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One more petite facade urban residence..This time with intense coloring and very elegant materials on the inside. It also features one of our favorite handrail designs!

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Panos —  February 20, 2012

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Our favorite pattern concept for residential complexes. Pure concrete construction, asymmetric design facade, large glazing and high detailed edges.