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Steel House by Fuminori Nousaku Architects

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Casa Neut by Apollo architects and associates 7

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Single family house by BLAF architecten

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Casa LW by Komada architects

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Garden Tree House by Hironaka Ogawa

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Juan Agust n Soza . Remodelaci n Casa Chorreada . La Reina 4

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La Marseta Country House by Sonia Miralles Mud 6

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MYZ Nest by no.555 4

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In keeping with this, the small tunnel-like house is slightly sunken into the ground with excavated soil built up around one side for insulation, similar to a rabbit’s warren.

House by Apollo Architects 3

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S House by Akihisa Hirata 2

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The entire house is a mix of twists and turns and looks more like a labyrinth than a common family home. But with all the steps and unexpected curving, children are likely to fall in love with this space and spend plenty of time discovering it.

House in Tamatsu by Kenji Ido 10

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House in Tamatsu

The house is designed for 4 members of a family with two kids.

The house is placed at urban district and a small plot of only 43.21sqm in Osaka, Japan. Around the site is the mixed-use area where small houses, small factories, and small office buildings coexist together without any harmony.

The client’s former house, which stood at this site, was a wooden two-story house. The adjacent sites were close and natural light didn’t enter into the old house. Therefore the client requested the family room (living area, dining area and kitchen) to be as large as possible without pillars or road-bearing walls, and that natural light that comes into the house, especially into the family room.

First, since the site was narrow, the volume of the building took up as much of the site as possible.

According to the lifestyle of the client, the bedroom of the couple and wet areas were placed in the ground floor, the family room was placed in the first floor, the rooms of children were placed in the second floor and the terrace was placed on the roof. For a structural reason, the large openings were not able to open out on the road side of the first floor of the building. So, I rotated the volume of the second floor 14 degrees for the axis of the building, and interstitial spaces between the rotated wall and the outer wall of the building became voids. The skylight was set up in the upside of the void, and is intended to allow natural light to drop on the family room of the first floor.

Moreover, one of two walls rotated 14 degrees on the plan of the second floor is also inclined to the verticality, and the part which overlaps with stairs is turned up, and has become like origami or a facet. This inclined wall frees people’s feeling by deviation from the norm, simultaneously the sense of touch of the degree of inclination and the light to reflect of that inclination cause a new physical sense.

The building’s white box is completely different from the building of the neighborhood. It is the appearance which the cylindrical volume of the second floor rotated 14 degrees penetrates into the building. Box-shaped cantilevered stairs are floating in the void.


Studio for a Composer by Johnsen Schmaling Architects 3

check archdaily | Studio for a Composer by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

The cubic volume covered in rusted steel panels looks like its floating due to the glass slot running on the perimeter separating it from the concrete platform of the storage room.

KDR House by I.R.A.

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Ism house by Ira international royal architecture

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Attic house by Be fun design

check designboom | Attic House by Be-fun design

Always surprised by the Japanese allocation of space in compact house designs like the one above.. Numerous interesting features including an extraordinary semi open bathroom, closet style kitchen, ladders and attics.

DSC2917 2 korr full

check @_europaconcorsi | House in Strandbaden by Dinell Johansson

A plain small house will always be intriguing when featuring inspired design touches inside…